The Syrris European Roadshow

The latest batch and flow technology coming to you!
France |  Spain |  Germany 
12-30 June 2017

The Latest Chemistry Technology, Designed For You

All the latest technology in flow, automated batch, and
chemical scale-up chemistry coming to you!

 Meet the team, discuss your applications and experience the technology during our Syrris Roadshow.

Open event with spaces available!

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“Seeing our science, technologies and products being used in the world and making a real difference – that is what motivates me”

Mark Gilligan, CEO Syrris

Products on show:

Orb Pilot

Powerful Batch Chemistry Scale-up

Orb Pilot represents the latest in batch chemistry scale-up, offering powerful stirring and uniform heat flow.


Powerful Benchtop Jacketed Reacor

Benefit from better batch chemistry with Orb, offering powerful stirring, effortless vessel changes and complete ease-of-use.

Atlas HD

The Future of Automated Batch Chemistry

Streamline your chemistry with full process development automation and touch screen functionality with Atlas HD.


Award Winning Lab-Scale Flow Chemistry

Asia is a revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products. It’s modular design enables a wide variety of chemical reactions and it is designed for ultimate ease of use.


Pilot Scale Continuous Flow Chemistry

The world’s first fully automated, pilot scale continous flow system, capable of producing 1 tonne of product per day. The modular design enables easy customization to meet your requirements.

Meet the Team

Nilesh Mistry

Technical Sales Executive

Nilesh finished his PhD at the University of Leicester in Analytical Chemistry and Instrument Development in 2014. He joined Syrris in 2015 as Technical Sales Specialist and is now European Regional Executive.

Stuart Simcock

Batch Chemistry – Product Manager

Starting in the agrochemicals field and moving onto scientific glass blowing, Stuart has a wealth of knowledge.

Paul Oakley

Regional Manager – Central/Eastern Europe, Nordic, Middle East & ROW

Since 2007 Paul Oakley has worked as a Regional Manager for Syrris, managing sales, developing markets and helping distributors, across more than 50 countries.

Marc Ujma

Product Specialist – Synthesis Systems

Marc Ujma has worked in International Sales for YMC since 2007. In 2013 he became Product Specialist, with focus on the Syrris product line, managing sales, developing markets and supporting customers in German speaking countries.

Leandro Nogueira

Regional Director of Europe, Latin America & Internal Sales

Responsible for sales of Europe, Latin America and Internal Sales, Leandro is a Materials Engineer and joined the Brazilian subsidiary of Syrris in 2010. He specializes in batch and flow products.

Vit Prchal

Technical Applications Specialist

Vit has an electrochemistry degree and focuses on calorimetry and our ChemiSens product at Syrris. He’s here to help Safety Engineers and Process Engineers for scale-up.


Our roadshows are tailored to focus on your applications and specific requirements. A typical day at the roadshow invovles a mixture of demonstrations, presentations and tailored discussions.
Let us know your areas of interest, register today!

Morning (10:00 – 12:00)

Practical Sessions

Hands-on experience and demonstrations in the following areas:

• R&D Batch Chemistry – Atlas HD, Orb
• Scale Up Batch Chemistry – Orb Pilot
• R&D Lab Flow Chemistry – Asia
• Scale-Up Flow Chemistry – Titan

    Afternoon (13:00 – 15:00)

    Tailored Discussions

    Discuss your applications, look at the products in more detail and give us feedback on what you feel is missing in your lab.

    Let us know your areas of interest, register today!

    The Schedule

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